Black Shark 2 major notification issue

I have issue with the notifications on the Black Shark 2 Global version with the latest update, and I can confirm that every possible device that I used and tested is working perfectly and providing notifications without the need for them to be active in the background.

I disabled battery optimization for every app, allowed to them over ride DnD mode even, all notifications on, gave them access, did everything possible, but no notification at all, unless the app is activated once, and left working in the background.

This is extremely annoying, I am forced to run every possible app that I want notification from, after turning off the shark space...

I hope there will be some kind of fix since months we are left in the dark, since notifications are supposed to always come up, when all the options are enabled, not only if the app itself is active in the background, trust me I personally tested a lot of devices on different manufactures and this is totally killing the daily usage of my lovely Black Shark 2.

There should be white list for app's or phone manager or whatever to allow us to get notifications... I am getting frustrated already...



  • Warning....crap company just crap I've had same problems with phone, returned it and with insured delivery ..they received weeks ago. and no reply to messages about when I get refund. given it to PayPal resolutions, saying I have evidence they had it for weeks sent by insured courier for £500 insurance on phone they don't reply to email anymore. I get my refund on 29th of may when PayPal take over. but suspect blackshark UK  wont be able to use PayPal as payment anymore. these guys are bunch of cowboys don't boy phone from them you have been warned.

  • So I just downloaded the latest version ...sp2.. but still no notification from my games, unless i leave them in background active, which shark space does not allow.

    Am I missing something? Is there any way to activate all the applications notifications?

  • Am I the only one with the notifications issue?

  • Hey @newpower84

    No, I don't think you are the only one with these issues. So far I haven't rly had a crazy big problem with notifications though. I feel like there is already some whitelist in place. Would be amazing if we could change that to our needs like you said.

  • I hope that I am missing some option or feature or something like that.. but already tried everything that I can think of. :(

  • i have the same problem for all my apps and games. i write mostly in telegram and i get only notification if i let it open if i close the task i get all messages when i open the app again

  • Is there anyone with some kinds of tips or solution for this problem, since black shark support is non existent ..

  • Hi @newpower84

    I read the start of this thread and it seems that you have tried most of the troubleshooting steps there are.

    Could you do me a favor? Could you please check:

    1. If Background Data disabled for those apps?
    2. If Data Saver Turned On?
    3. If Adaptive Battery mode is On?
    4. If you can download Glimpse Notifications app from the playstore and if that fixes it?

    (on my other devices, the last one did the trick. I do not have the BS2 in my hand yet. still waiting for the delivery. That is why i am requesting this from you.)

    Try it and let me know

  • 1-3 do not help for me. i will try number 4 later and tell if it help

  • Sure. Thanks for trying.

    Now atleast I know that Background data is enabled, data saver is off, adaptive battery is off. Check check and check.

    I am going to get the phone delivered to me tomorrow.

    Then I can legit test the issues on BS2 instead of my old device.

    @BlackSharkTeam meanwhile, could you please give some inputs on this? @Davon.z

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