Black Shark 2 Edge Screen Touch Delay (With explanation video)


Black Shark 2 Global Version.

So I am experiencing some problem which is touch delay on the edge of the screen. (similar to what happened on Pocophone F1)

This problem is pretty anoying especially while typing. Typing "AJ" will results "JA" because of this problem.

Please watch my video on youtube about this issue:

I'm using Multitouch Tester app. The interesting thing is, if I add the app to Shark Space app lists, the problem is gone.

I believe this is a software issue and can be fixed easily through software update.

Please fix this problem, Black Shark dev team. And could you tell me wether the issue will be investigated by the developer team?

Thank you!


I found this quite interesting. Open the app that you have already added (try WhatsApp) to the Shark Space. Activate Game dock, go to Gamer Studio, then Touch menu, if you activate the "Anti edge-miss touching", the bug will occur again (try typing on the keyboard).

So I think this bug has something to do with the "Edge anti-miss touching" feature.

Note: Please read my past discussion on old Black Shark forum about this bug:


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