[Announcement]September 2019 OTA Update for Black Shark 2:Download now!



  • Shark time = slows down time in reality. So u can win.( like matrix movie) when you shoot at enemy in slow mo . Lol. Lmao

  • thanks a ton daves! but now there is new issue of screen dimming randomly after you cut a call. also no solution to shark space swipe in bug to drop down setting menu. ITS BEEN ALMOST HALF A YEAR SINCE I GOT THIS PHONE BUT I HAVENT PLAYED A SINGLE GAME IN SHARK SPACE!!!

  • After update to SOOMP4 my sound recording was so low my voice can t be heard clear even at full volume. Please fix it

  • Hello, I have a Black Shark 2, and since I have installed this latest update (SKYW1909192OS01MP4) the Pokemon Go Plus does not work (via Gotcha bracelet), it synchronizes the bluetooth but it fails to connect in any way, it still works perfectly on other devices.

    Does anyone come up with a possible solution? Is there a way to contact Black Shark to explain the specific problem? Being a special phone for gaming, it seems to me a mistake (which can always happen in updates) but that should be tried soon.

    Thank you.

  • The camera shortcut should be direct activate without need to put in password. Well this issue is since i bought bs2 actually. Thought they fixed on the latest update.

  • Almost 2weeks after the mp4 update however, I couldn't get any OTA yet

    There's any reason for this lousy OTA speed???

  • @alsrbaks that sounds rly a little too slow? I guess there must be something wrong. Is your phone rooted or did you try something similar? That usually breaks OTAs. If you done something like that there are instructions on how you can get your OTAs working again in the XDA-developers forum. Or maybe something else happened that broke the OTAs? You can try to delete the OTA folder from your phone and then check again. If that also doesn't help maybe a factory reset does?

    Make sure to create a new post if my suggestions didn't help so maybe other users can try to help too.


  • No. I didn't rooted or try similar on my phone. Also I can't find my OTA folder on my phone. And, None of the people living in our country received the OTA

  • You guys have surprisingly addressed a lot of issues here. Everything from notification swipe on the lock screen, to the Security update everyone was cribbing about (including Me), to the new game dock, etc etc

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