[Announcement]September 2019 OTA Update for Black Shark 2:Download now!

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We're very excited to push you the awaited Global OTA(over-the-air) update for Black Shark 2 !

Thanks to the dedicated efforts and contributions of testers, game users and developers .

Kindly check and download your System Updates for new updates from now. 

Since we have made special optimization for the global version package in different regions, this time it is has to be divided into two versions of push, if you receive different version upgrades, please do not worried, (we will unify the next version to the same version number push)

The corresponding changelog and version number is as follows, please check it:

Update changelog

(SKYW1907040OS01MP3→ → SKYW1909192OS01MP4; SKYW1907031OS00MP3→ → SKYW1909192OS00MP4)

1.Updated Google Security patch to 2019-08-05

2.Update GameDock 4.0 , added new feature: Shark Time

3.Added language support for Arabic and Lithuanian

4.Added desktop drop-down notification bar function

5.Added Notification can be swipe off at Lock Screen

6.Added Google Wellbeing

7.Addressed issue that the device theme is invalid

8.Addressed issue that screen may suddenly light up after fingerprint unlocking

9.Addressed issue the default time zone change does not take effect

10.Addressed issue that can’t slide out the Gamedock after connect the Gamepad

11.Addressed issue that USB Debugging cannot be turned off

12.Optimized Camera Anti-Banding

13.Optimized system stability and performance

14.Optimized standby power consumption

15.Optimized compatibility of NoInCall in GameDock and adapt some mainstream social applications

16.Optimized Memory management strategy and fix slowing down and App Not Reponsed issue

17.Optimized Fingerprint unlock speed

18.Optimized power consumption of FaceUnlock

19.Optimized stability when using GamePad

20.Optimized some translation

Your feedback is appreciated ,the voice of you is very valuable for us.

We may not always be able to respond to every comment in the forums, but please be assured that we take your comments and feedback seriously. Hope you enjoy and let us know how you feel about the update in the comments below.

Thank you for your patience and support again.

Notes: This version will be a staged rollout, so it will come to a small percentage of users at first, and then roll out to more users over the next few days.



  • Just got it

    Downloading now

  • Finally. Jesus Christ this update is amazing!

    You guys have surprisingly addressed a lot of issues here. Everything from notification swipe on the lock screen, to the Security update everyone was cribbing about (including Me), to the new game dock, etc etc

    I'll test it out. Hopefully no new issues lol. Fingers crossed..

  • Finger print icon randomly goes missing on the lock screen especially after a reboot. I guess they will fix it next year in the next update :p

  • edited October 2019 #4

    So where's my update about Android 10

    Also where's my Volte Icon?

  • so when is available in Malaysia region mind still old version and it said (The current system is the latest version)

  • 듀얼앱 사용을 하게해쥬십시오

  • edited October 2019 #7

    how about this Previous OTA Version " SKYW1907110OS00MP3 " Black Shark 2

    when come Lastest OTA Version ?

    @Davon.z @BlackSharkTeam

  • SKYW1907110OS00MP3 when will the people with this version get the update?

  • new update messes with screen brightness going low after a call ends needs to be fixed

  • new update messes with screen brightness after you end a call it stays low and has to be manually touch brightness slider for it to return to normal

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