Setting refresh rate

Hi, is there a way to set the refresh rate for games? MCoC while playing on BS2 pro is only running at 30. But on Asus rog 2 it can be set to run at 120 andon red magic 3 it runs 90


  • That is usually not a setting on the phone but in the game. Just setting the phone to 120hz doesn't mean the game will also run in 120fps for example. That only depends on the game and the settings within the game. I never played MCoC but I read that their servers are very weird regarding 30 or 60 fps. Idk just read quickly about that on Google. Anyway the phone supports 60hz without changing any system settings regardless. You maybe can download some 3rd party apps that force 60fps on the game but that might get you banned so I wouldn't risk it. Hope that somehow answers your question 😉.

  • I see thanks for reply. But when I set my Asus to 120 the game runs at 120 according to the monitor. Same goes for the red magic 3 which I set to 90 and it shows 90 FPS. But for BS 2 pro it's only running at 30.

  • Not rly sure if that monitor is correct? What monitor are you actually talking about in that matter? There are actually not many games that rly support 90fps or even 120fps. As I said I'm not familiar with that game and if that actually even would support so high frame rates but anyway there might be settings within the game that you can change? There also could be a small possibility that it is somehow hardcoded in the game depending on what hardware it detects and somehow fails to do on the bs2 pro?

  • Hmm just checked and you're right the game even should support 120fps 🤷‍♂️ I also downloaded it and started the game and in the beginning it showed me 60fps but then when the actual fight started it dropped down to 30 😐. No idea why... I'll let you know if I find out more about that.

  • @InMemoriam thanks so much. Highly appreciate your insight. 🙏

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