Notification light doesn't work

After the last update the notification led won't lit up for messages and notifications

Pls fix it


  • LED Notification light doesn't work for me either after the latest Pie upgrade. It only shines constantly green while charging the device and constantly red when battery is under 15%, that's all the function it has at this moment.

    Please look into this and get back the LED Notification light functionality in next OTA. It worked perfectly fine on Oreo and it was very useful feature!

    Thanks in advance for looking into this issue!

  • Same here and more here. i reseting facktory but still same.

    1. light only charging working
    2. Second sim internet not working
    3. Phone screen light %60 but its working %30 and colors not good.
    4. Some times some one call me and my voice is like a robots :D

  • Global version. Problems:

    Return the brightness of the screen and its white tint!!!!!

    1) The screen has a yellow tint!!!!Very Bad

    2) Decreased Brightness!!!!Very Bad

    3) The notification indicator does not work

    4) Return alway on display

    5) Notifications from the application do not come if the application is closed

    6) The BATTERY ON ANDOID 9 was discharged (to sit down)

    7)If you reduce the brightness, the screen darkens a lot.

    At 80% brightness, it feels like only 50%. The screen is very dark!

  • There is another update coming up that should fix most of these issues. It is being tested at the moment. Stay tuned.

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