Black shark 1 no battery removable

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Hi what do you mean with no battery removable , for example if i buy the black shark and the battery rip i can t buy another battery for replace or i need to change all the phone 😦 ?


  • Most of the phone's now a days are the same. If your battery goes kaput or dies, you will have to bring it to a service center and have them replace it.

    Same with Blackshark. You cant remove the battery unless you pry open the phone to replace it. It is not impossible for an expert user, but for normal users like us, it is difficult.

    Gone are the days of Nokia 3310 where the battery was removable by the user of the phone.

    (Yeah, I am old.. like dinosaur level old)

  • @cacaocaca, it just means it's not easily accessible like with a Nokia 3210 😜. Like with 99% of new smartphone you have to apply some heat and cut the adhesive that glues the screen to the body. Then you gotta remove a few screws and other stuff and eventually you can change the battery without ruining much of the phone 😂. Finding parts for the bs might be also not an easy task if you don't live in china?

  • Thanks but i have already change the battery in iphone and replace so much screen i am not so noob lol ,just hope don't have to unmount all the motherboard look like one iphone , but thanks @InMemoriam @Divyaansha , now i would like som information about the temperature if you play so much hour at pubg , i want know if the temperature remains constant afther some hour if not this mean that the liquid cooling no work good and can t play so much hour really. P.s i talk about black shark 1

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    @cacaocaca you can watch a teardown of the phone in YouTube. I also already disassabled lots of iPhones but I think the bs1 might be a slightly more work tbh. And yea getting the parts is also a totally different story that getting parts for iPhones.

    The device will get kinda hot (=the heatpipe/"liquid cooling" works well). Also playing for a longer period of time on smooth graphics with extreme framerate works well but you won't be able to charge the device effectively anymore while continue playing. The perfomance will be fine but the phone will still lose battery. That's why they added another heatpipe in the bs2. In the bs2 you can keep playing and even effectifly charge the device still.

    @Divyaansha, lol didn't notice you already replied while I also replied xD. And we both reference old Nokia phones hahaha 🙈

  • @InMemoriam you pushing me to buy the 2 😅 joke 😉, but let me know something , i'm seeing now that some seller sells the black shark 2 with 6gb ram but if i look here i just see 2 version with 8 and 12 ram , what going on 😐️ ?

  • @cacaocaca I think there is also a 6GB version of the phone but they don't sell it officially in all countries I think. That's probably why you don't see it in the official online store.

  • @InMemoriam yes guess , but the new Blue Shark 2 Pro release the global version ?

  • @cacaocaca, yea I think it also will release globally soon. On the 9.10.2019 the European sales will start from what I head with some good deals and with a free gamepad I think.

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