Black Shark 2 Edge Screen Touch Delay (With explanation video)


So I am experiencing some problem which is touch delay on the edge of the screen. (similar to what happened on Pocophone F1)

This problem is pretty anoying especially while typing. Typing "AJ" will results "JA" because of this problem.

Please watch my video on youtube about this issue:

I'm using Multitouch Tester app. The interesting thing is, if I add the app to Shark Space app lists, the problem is gone.

I believe this is a software issue and can be fixed easily through software update.

Please fix this problem, Black Shark dev team. And could you tell me wether the issue will be investigated by the developer team?

Thank you!


I found this quite interesting. Open the app that you have already added (try WhatsApp) to the Shark Space. Activate Game dock, go to Gamer Studio, then Touch menu, if you activate the "Anti edge-miss touching", the bug will occur again (try typing on the keyboard).

So I think this bug has something to do with the "Edge anti-miss touching" feature.

Note: Please read my past discussion on old Black Shark forum about this bug:



  • Yea bro @kapeboy . I just tested and it happens on my BS2 Global too. This is a critical issue.

  • Warning....crap company just crap I've had same problems with phone, returned it and with insured delivery ..they received weeks ago. and no reply to messages about when I get refund. given it to PayPal resolutions, saying I have evidence they had it for weeks sent by insured courier for £500 insurance on phone they don't reply to email anymore. I get my refund on 29th of may when PayPal take over. but suspect blackshark UK  wont be able to use PayPal as payment anymore. these guys are bunch of cowboys don't boy phone from them you have been warned.

  • @Davon.z im not sure what version these guys are on but this is worth looking into as well, i personlly haven't had the issue but i don't use the feature either.

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    I can confirm that issue and I also think Black Shark is aware of it. It's usually not such a huge deal because if the app is registered as game this issue doesn't occur. On the other hand as kapeboy already pointed out it seems to be related to the "Edge anti-miss-touching". After all this functionality might be intended? This way false inputs from your palm/wrist while holding the phone (one-handed) might be reduced? Just a theory though.

  • @InMemoriam Unfortunately, this bug lead to typo if you are a fast typer.

  • Yea I know @kapeboy 😐. Happened to me also occasionally but often autocorrect got it right I feel like 😅. Hope they rly fix that issue while using Gboard in all apps... adding all apps that you type quick in as games rly destroys the reason for Shark Space. Sadly it also doesn't remember for each "game" seperatly if I want the "NoKeypad", calls,...

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    The low touch latency is the #1 reason to by buy a BS2 (or Pro) but this bug is a deal-breaker (I was about to order one).

    Considering that you advertise this phone with the lowest touch latency everywhere it's really a no-go. Would be great if you a) fix it asap and b) employ some further forum moderation who give updates on such issues from your dev team and their progress, maybe in a weekly thread.

    Look how Epic deals with community management on reddit. It's not about being perfect or error-free, it's just about being present and giving updates on relevant topics. Then, you'll have the most loyal community.

    @kapeboy , thanks for finding this bug.

    CCing @Davon.z ,

  • the problem continues to this day, it is terribly annoying, I want to sell my shark 2 for this, I beg you to send the fix as soon as possible

  • Update on this issue please?

  • 1 year has passed and this issue still persists! I bought the phone a week ago and I agree it's very annoying to be correcting what I type every second... Per example to type this comment I had to correct 8 times so far. In shark space this doesn't happen. I would return the phone and never consider Black Shark again the problem is I bought all accessories separately and that I can't return. I'm very sad with this phone, typing is a number 1 priority and if it doesn't work properly it's a deal breaker for everyone!

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