Black Shark 2 stock gallery app dimming photos on preview

Hello BS2 Folks,

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this or is it just me? - When using the stock gallery app (I'm on SKYW1907040OS01MP3) to view the photos, the screen goes dimmed. I switched to another gallery app from play store and the issue has not manifested itself there. Went back to check the stock gallery app again and the same problem reoccurs.

For the time being (hopefully this will be fixed in the next update or something) I ditched the stock app and am using a third party one.

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue too?



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    Hey @hamsterski, this is a bug with Google Photos (that's the stock gallery app) on some devices. Did you try to update it to the latest version in the Google store? Mine is working fine with the latest version.


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