missing menu

hi everyone, I have a small problem after the last update I can no longer open the menu

if there is any third-party program to change the control of the joystick, please tell me otherwise why do I need it if I can not use normally


  • Hey @Egoss, have you tried reconnecting the controller to the phone inside Shark Space? You are the first one that seems to have a problem with that but I think there is no 3rd party app that will work. I would try to delete it first from the trusted Bluetooth devices and disconnect it and then try to add it again in shark Space. If everything fails I guess a factory reset should also deal with it in the worst case?

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    I agree with this. Just got my controllers yesterday and I am using the Blackshark 2. This is basically what I had to do.

    I first connected them / paired them via bluetooth settings

    Then switched to sharkspace

    After that it detected the controllers and then I was able to configure then and use that button

    Thanks @InMemoriam

  • the joystick itself is working and working correctly, when I played the pubg I set it up for the game, he remembered the settings for the game, if it wasn’t set, then all the settings he had by default

    there is a possibility that after resetting everything will return, but it’s advisable for me to wait for the next update, I hope that it will fix this trouble

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