Screw the forum - get you SUPPORT working !

Weeks ago you told me I'll get a replacement case for my Order number 2219

"...  ship a new case as a replacement for you. We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused to you. Thank you for your attention and your kind understanding. "

Guess what ? NOTHING !

This is the wrong place for complaints like this ? Guess what: I don't care ...


  • Hey @evoxer ,

    Yea, you're right they really still need to improve their hole support chain but I guess that's all work in progress. Do you got a tracking number or something by mail or just that message from the cs team? Hopefully they haven't forgotten about that while changing their systems. If I would be you and you didn't got a tracking number or anything by mail and weeks already passed I would open another "request" and reference your old ticket number and your order number there. I kinda doubt that people from the customers support will read that post?

  • I feel your pain man... Hopefully, the Cs team will sort it out... 🤞🤞

  • @Davon.z @BlackSharkTeam support sucks big time...

  • talking about support waiting an answer! when can we expect to have gamepad 2.0 for the first black shark available again???

  • Warning....crap company just crap I've had same problems with phone, returned it and with insured delivery ..they received weeks ago. and no reply to messages about when I get refund. given it to PayPal resolutions, saying I have evidence they had it for weeks sent by insured courier for £500 insurance on phone they don't reply to email anymore. I get my refund on 29th of may when PayPal take over. but suspect blackshark UK  wont be able to use PayPal as payment anymore. these guys are bunch of cowboys don't boy phone from them you have been warned.

  • So it's 6 weeks now without even an answer.

    Don't buy anything from here, I'd say - Support is non-existent

  • Hey @evoxer

    Thats sad to hear... The support chain rly screws up a lot it feels like. But I think they are also working on it to improve it. For now you rly should open another ticket and maybe reference the old one as that seems like they screwed up something in between. IDK from my own experience it feels like "new ticket" get handled much quicker than old ones where you're waiting for a reply that might never come. Just try opening another "new one" would be my suggestion.

  • Sad and true, their support is non existent, I am waiting for 3 weeks for a human reply, they just did a single useless automation ...

  • fun fact: i just posted something regarding that i dont get a reply from the support and 2 hours later my post was deleted.

    so yeah the support is there just not on your side👍️

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