Black Shark USB Type C Headset worth buying ?

edited September 2019 in Black Shark 2

Is black shark usb type c headset worth to buy ? Can anyone tell me how its audio preferences compared to apple earpod ?



  • Bluetooth all the way.

    I am not a super crazy audiophile but I love my music!

    I got everything from Phillips and JBL to Sennheiser and Sony

    I like my Bluetooth headphones more than the wired ones just for the ease of mobility.

    The only time I use wired headphones is when I am either on my laptop or at home chilling.

    I got the Blackshark type c headphones in the Blackshark 2 box. Those are good when compared to low - mid-range products.

    Don't expect a lot from them. But they are a good pair of headphones.

    I'll suggest check the competition and try some out before you buy.

  • There's an included usb-c to 3.5mm jack dongle on box already. So if you already have your favorite wired headset then you can use it instead.

    Besides, BS2 global doesn't have built-in sound enhancer/equalizer so it wouldn't make any difference anyway.

  • yep, agreed with it .. I just got mine, nothing much different compare with using the dongle

  • i ordered one and to be honest its only for gaming purpose sound is crystal clear with low bass but its cheap you get what you pay if you are music lover try haylou gt1 same price but bluetooth i just got them they are amazing and for black shark type c headphone wire is so thin if by mistake you pull or snap they will break i have no clue of black shark bluetooth headphone they are expensive and i hope they are good but i got L shape type c cable its amazing and rock solid build better buy that cool logo and green black color goes well with the phone

  • Does anyone know which is the best product among those listed on this site?

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