[Announcement]Finally, Android P available in Black Shark 1 now!



  • i hope the next update will add more security like

    shutdown locker for make it safety from thief

  • HI, for those who already update to pie,

    Is there any problem with battery life?

  • After updating my BS1 I encountered Wi-fi connection problem.

  • Hello, why can not you use the fingerprint to close the device?

  • My problem after update,


  • Today i updated to Android P, and now i can't play my Favorite game Fate/Grand Order USA

    app crashes out when launched. it says ErrorCode = 43, when the app opens up email to techsupport

  • Me acabo de dar cuenta que cuando suena música el led parpadea en muchos colores, pero no he visto opción de cambiarlo de verde cuando está la pantalla activa normal

  • edited September 2019 #48

    Primeiro gostaria de agradecer à equipe que desenvolveu o sistema, estávamos aguardando há muito tempo ... Que bom que saiu!

    A rom nova é bastante fluida em muitos pontos, entretanto, há 2 dias usando, percebido que o carregamento rápido é muito mais lento, muito mais lento e o Led da traseira fica ativado sem parar, drenando mais rapidamente a bateria!

    Corrijam isso pra gente. O quanto mais rápido possível!

    Ademais, apenas elogios pelo fantástico trabalho ...

    Aguardamos as correções.


  • List of errors that I managed to notice:

    1. In playgame, calls reject mode works worse than previous version.

    Because losing connection with mobile network.

    2. Clock alarm doesn't work when the phone is off, than in MIUI.

    3. Light indicator on display doesn't work when notifications comes.

    Please add lightning settings for front indicator and S indicator, like last versions of Black Shark.

    5. Sometimes the system sound doesn't work, need to restart phone to fix it.

    6. Display loses contrast and cold color.

    7. Mirror effect doesn't work in video mode.


    1. Thank u very much for Android 9! 

    Hope you will improve it in future updates.

    2. Thanks a lot for screen recorder, finally )

    I am pleased with its quality )

    3. Thank you for new Shark Space, it's awesome!

    Can be customized for every game separately.

    From Kazakhstan with love ) ☺️

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