BS2 heating while charging

Anybody know what the fuck happens to my black shark 2, while I charging it, it becomes super hot! After 30minutes charging I take it from the table and I test temperature... 48 degree.. I try factory reset, but it not helps... Help!


  • Anybody... Mobile no lagging all other things fine, just heating... Super heating...

  • Hmm, considering the phone is charging very quick (!) I think it is expected to heat up. 48 degrees sounds a bit much though... The "water cooling" inside the phone acts like a heatpipe distributing the heat all over the phone. I can play pubg with the phone on 60fps and charge it at the same time and it still charges and doesn't drop frames. Doing so its expected to get hot but I don't really notice it inside the case because I'm playing with the gamepad.

    What you mean by "test temperature"? I guess you measure the temperature with some app and its the battery temperature? Do you live in a tropical country on top of that? Obviously the surface where its resting on while charging also is affecting the actual temperature. One time I forgot mine in the sun for 10 minutes (charging). When I came back it was ridiculously hot... but that's my fault.

    As I said I would consider my phones temperature as "normal" for what its actually doing.

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    No mate, I live in Lithuania, nowadays 28degree air temperature. Today I testing charging and using cpu-z app to look at battery temp. When I leave it to charge phone today( not in the sun) after 10min I can't hold phone in hand again and I check temperature it was 45.5 degree. BUT... When I charging phone and using them, temperature battery cool down... Wtf?????? Can you explain to me this....? I tried turn off on display fingerprint... But still like that... When I using phone and charging everything ok....

    Temperature when I not using phone when it charging...

    And temperature when charging and I starts using them....

    Wtf ..

  • Dude this is exactly the same as me, its really hot when while charging but when we use it it will cooling down, frsutating

  • @BS2user , This looks similar to your charging issue.

    I tried mine today and it does get a little hotter than usual because of the quick charge from 0 to 94% but it starts to cool off after that.

    With quick charge in the phone, it seems to be normal but might become better if checked in the future updates. @BlackSharkTeam

  • Had this problem and went to the shop today. The guy said it is normal. Will be hot when charging while screen off. He suggested to charge while screen on to keep temperature lower and to extend battery lifespan.

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    Cool. I know this is a pain in the neck, but I sadly agree with the suggestion given to you.

    Thank you for providing the update @BS2user

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