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Hace unos días mi teléfono black shark 2 se comporta mal. Con el cable tipo C ,. Al cargarlo. Se demora para empezar a cargarlo. Y no me detecta el cable a mi Pc. He notado. Que al reiniciarlo. Lo carga bien solo es cuestión de retirarlo y conectarlo Nuevamente. Y no lo reconoce. Esto ya lo he realizado con varios. Cables,cargadores nuevos. Audífonos. Etc que he comprado. Y sigue igual. Tarda en reconocer el cable ya reinicie de fábrica verifique el puerto y nada espero puedan. Auxiliarme. Saludos. Desde mexico


  • I have same problem to

  • I just google translate what you wrote but if I understand correctly I would try to clean the charging port. You can search on YouTube how to do it the best way in your language.

  • If that happened to me just 1 week ago, I already did the cleaning, I even had a hard reset but no. It gives solution. I think it's software problem

  • Ok, I am unable to exactly understand the issue. This is because here is what the translation looks like:

    A few days ago my black shark 2 phone behaves badly. With type C cable,. When loading. It takes time to start charging. And the cable to my PC does not detect me. I noticed. What to restart it. Charging it well is just a matter of removing it and connecting it again. And he doesn't recognize it. I have already done this with several. Cables, new chargers. Headphones. Etc that I bought. And it remains the same. It takes time to recognize the cable and factory reset verify the port and I hope nothing can. Help me Regards. From Mexico

    But there are 2 things that I feel you are facing an issue with.

    1. Charging
    2. PC detecting the phone once connected

    Could you guy please give me more information on the issue @Komo @JIMMY

    What version/OS are you on?

    Have you enabled Developer options?

    What does your default USB configuration look like (should be - No data transfer) ?

    Is the USB debugging set to ON?

    Did you recently drop your phone?

    Issues like these are 60/40. 60% software based and 40% hardware based.

    I see that you already did a hard reset, so @InMemoriam could be right on the Hardware part and you might need to get it checked with a service center. But I still wanted to see if something on the software end is causing it.

  • my black shark 2. has the update: SKYW1907040OS01MP3 factory reset and still feel that the battery lasts less when connecting. Type C cable takes. approximately 10 to 50 seconds to be detected by the phone. headphones usb charger It has not fallen far less wet

  • Cool, this is a start. Could you please see if you can answer the other questions too?

  • What version / OS are you in?
    android pai 9
    Have you enabled developer options?
    What does your default USB configuration look like (should it be - No data transfer)?
    must be - No data transfer
    Is USB debugging enabled?
    Do not
    Did you recently drop your phone?
    Do not
    Issues like these are 60/40. 60% software based and 40% hardware based.

  • Thank you for answering this @JIMMY

    Have you received any updates after SKYW1907040OS01MP3 ? There were a few that were sent across I believe. Are you on the Global rom or China ROM?

    Could you also try out a few more things?

    1. In the developer options > change the USB configuration to File transfer and Enable USB debugging. Now connect the phone to the PC and see if the computer detects the phone. That should solve one of your issues.
    2. You have mentioned that "Type C cable takes approximately 10 to 50 seconds to be detected by the phone" ..I believe that something in the kernel or some app is hijacking the power settings which is causing this.

    a. Could you please let me know if the same thing happens when you shutdown your phone and then charge it?

    b. Try - Disable light settings, and in developer options - at the bottom there is an option saying "Background process limit" . change that to "No background processes".

    See if this makes it better.


    In Display settings, Turn on lift to wake, turn on adaptive brightness, turn off ambient display


    In Security and location: Fingerprint > Finger print trigger > turn off Tap the screen option

    Try again.

    If none of this helps, I would suggest you to take the phone to the service center and have them take a look at it.

  • Sorry to hear that. I hoped that it would work.

    Then I would suggest to get it checked at a service center :(

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