Sound notification fail

Hi, my name is Santiago, im from Uruguay.

I bought a BS1 global version 4 months ago, the problem I have is that after a while the whatsapp and gmail notifications stop ringing, sometimes even the calls, I have it with the maximum volume.

The only way to solve it is by restarting the phone.

Does anyone know how to solve it? Is it necessary to wait for the update to android pie?

Thank you.


  • Ok, I know what I going to tell you might not be the solution you are looking for

    (And people for some reason will hate me for this) but kindly wait for the Pie update.

    Most of the issues are being fixed in that update. This issue looks like a kernel sleep issue where the phone goes into a Deep sleep mode and does not wake up in time on the notifications.

    Pie has better fix for this.

    I also know that everyone is waiting on Pie and it is delayed more that required. But I did check that they are working hard on getting it rolled out.

    Again, I have a Blackshark 2, so you can ignore this post. May be someone with a Blackshark 1 can give you a quick fix on it.

  • Man,did they give you Bs 2 for this?,I guess not right,pls no need to try telling us "they working their ass so fucking hard for getting this update rolled out"it's not funny anymore,pls just stop and enjoy your BS 2,I hope your phone won't be meet the same problem with us BS 1 user

  • @Blackchingxong, bro it's about solving a problem from others and helping each other not just complaining about unfulfilled needs. We are all in the same boat and are customers of the same brand. But we can help each other. There is nothing wrong in pointing out that solutions might be easier to solve in pie (and that will come at some point). And from customer to customer...we can be so happy to have @Divyaansha here in the forum actively suggesting solutions. Why insult him just because you are angry with Black shark? Looking at the history so far chances are not very high any official person will read your comments anyway 😅.

    @Sarpione, Anyway I have never run into this issue with my BS1. But probably a factory reset will solve the issue again?

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