shark mode

why is the shark space moved to the power button? who can help me?


  • @fak22, hmm I don't rly understand the question sorry... Maybe your can discribe your issue a little more detailed? Do you mean why they relocated the shark Space button/switch from the bs1 in the bs2? I think that was because people often pressed the power button instead of volume down on the bs1 so they moved the volume buttons and the shark Space switch. That was a good choice imo because with the bs1 it happens to me frequently that I lock the phone when I just wanted to turn down the volume 🙈.

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    @fak22, The colours of the buttons indicate that you use the Chinese version of the phone? Can you maybe post the system version you are currently on? Sadly I don't know much about the Chinese version so I think I cannot help a lot, sorry.

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