Gamepad 2.0 not recognized as a standard/generic gamepad + other Gamepad problems

The Gamepad 2.0 is not recognized as a standard/generic gamepad, so even games that are natively compatible with gamepads like Fortnite does not work instantly like with all other gamepads by just connecting them with bluetooth, you have to map all the buttons each time with each game ! Another problem with not being recognized as a normal gamepad is that we can't connect 2 gamepads and play 2 (or more) players games (on emulators or android split screen games like Beach Buggy Racing or Riptide GP Renegade). I don't know if it is possible to software update the Gamepad 2.0 but this is the most important to do.

Secondly, it should have 2 joysticks rather than 1 joystick and 1 touchpad, Sony Xperia Play and Steam Controller have already failed with touchpad controllers, people wants 2 joysticks like on Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles, so making a new right gamepad H66RS with a joystick would be nice. Also the Gamepad 2.0 lacks L3/R3, Start and Select buttons, this would mean making a Gamepad 3.0 but it would be great. And additionally, some games like Street Fighter 4 can be controlled in game but not in menus, so a button to switch to mouse mode like on many cheap Android gamepads (ipega for example) would be perfect.

Finally, we can't play with the Gamepad 2.0 attached and charge the phone (or plug headphones) at the same time, this could be fixed by placing the USB-C port of the Black Shark on the left or the right side rather than on the bottom of the phone so you should consider it for the Black Shark 3. But keep the wireless two-sided design of the Gamepad 2.0, it's the best for portability and strong attachment to the phone (better than all others).



  • Thank you very much for your feedback and Suggestions on our game controllers.

    I have recorded &feedback your questions and requirements to the r&d team, and if there is any progress I will let you know 😜.


    For the button mapping ,we don't need map all the buttons each time with each game;

    Because we have a default button mapping for top games, which is opened by sliding out the game dock when you into the game and clicking the 'Gamepad' button.

    Could you please tell me your country and the games you often play if it still not work? I will confirm if it can be suitable later. (or if you have the recommended mapping, you can also tell me by screenshot comment or forum private message.)

    Thanks again.

  • @Davon.z Thank you for your reply and thank you for your feedback to the R&D team ! 🙂

    I didn't know the Gamepad button in the game dock, it's working but like you said it works "only for top games" not for all games, game developpers already worked for gamepad support you should just use the work they did instead of re-doing the mapping work.

    Also this is not possible to play 2 or 4 player games with 2 Gamepad 2.0 like in the video below like with other gamepads because Gamepad 2.0 are not recognized as generic gamepad !

    Please consider generic buttons, L3/R3, Start and Select buttons and mouse mode for Gamepad 3.0 but keep the wireless two-sided design for portability and strong attachment to the phone, and USB-C on the side for Black Shark 3 ! 🙂

    Black Shark 2 is very near to be the best great gaming phone, it only lacks few things, please make it happen before others ! 😃

  • I totally have to agree with @booldega

    Black Shark want to shine in all kind of (mobile)gaming related things. As Game-Streaming is getting bigger and more popular the future will bring a lot in that area and I hope Black Shark sees that as well! I already use Game-Streaming and play all my pc games on the phone with another 3rd party controller. It is working amazing! I tried to setup the Gamepad 2.0 for it as well but natively its just not possible and to setup overlays... it just doesn't work (Moonlight [ I think native controls get in the way of overlays]). L3 and R3 also missing so I only can use a 3rd party controller. I also have a grip to mount the phone onto it so that all works perfectly. The only problem though is the weight and the weight distribution... it just doesn't feel as nice as if I would have the gamepad 2.0 with L3 and R3 and a joystick on the right side as well. This would be simply amazing and I really hope to see the gamepad 3.0 with these functionality.

  • @Davon.z When i play gta san andreas with the gamepad 2.0 when i move the analogue stick too fast it will register the touch on the screen but at the end of the analogues movement so it acts like im just holding the stick in the middle, if i move it slowly it works ok but its's very bad for gameplay and has a bad impact on driving.

    Can this issue be fixed please?

  • Hey @LinkSSZ,

    Yes, I also noticed that issue in a couple of games. I think the reason why in some games it feels not so smooth is because some games work like this: when you touch on the screen this is your new "center" (of movement) so when you put the layout exactly over the normal indicated center and slowly move the joystick to one direction it's fine. But when you move the joystick quickly to one direction the game might only get this information from the completely right first and gives that the new center. You can not go more to this direction then. This constantly is happing a little bit and this makes the controls feels odd. In some of the games that do that you can turn off the recenter functionality. In pubgm it's fixed for example while in fortnite it's actually adapting causing your controls to feel super odd. It probably would need a lot of customization for different games from Black Shark to fix that in those games where you cannot turn this recenter functionallity off... I hope this is understandable 😅. I experienced this behavior already in a few games...

  • Think i thought of a solution, if the dev team could make an option so that the screen is always pressed in the center of the stick where it's place on screen it should fix it

  • Asus ROG Phone 2 has been presented with ROG Kunai Gamepad, I was curious to see if they are recognized as a standard/generic gamepad and which technology is used to connect them to the phone and if they have cliclable joysticks L3, R3, start and select buttons

    First of all, it's recognized as a standard/generic gamepad, in this video we can clearly see he is navigating in the game menu with the Kunai Gamepad at 1:34 which is not possible with mapping like with Black Shark 2.0 Gamepad. They also have clickable joysticks L3, R3. You can attach a case on the phone with a USB-C port and slide both gamepads on the case, there is also an external gamepad stand on which to slide both gamepads to play wireless, this stand adds start, select, function and profile buttons

    In this video in portuguese, he shows there a connection pins on both gamepads, they don't have battery inside so they cannot work alone, they need either the phone case so they are powered by the phone battery, either the external gamepad stand which has battery inside which powers the gamepads, the connections pins allows the gamepads to connect between themselves and be recognized as one single gamepad, he tries GTA San Andreas which has gamepad support to thow that the gamepad is instantly recognized and he can play directly without any configuration/mapping, and then he says that there is also a mapping app for games without gamepad support, the external gamepad stand has 3 connection modes : with bluetooth, with USB-C or with a RF USB dongle the only thing we don't know is if it has a mouse mode, but anyway I think this is the best Android gamepad for now, except for the design which I think is a bit too large, there are triangles on each side of the gamepads and the case adds large borders to the phone, Black Shark Gamepad 2.0 design is better for portability and to put them in a pocket and go out, but for the rest (lack of buttons and input buttons) I hope they will improve it to be more like ROG Kunai Gamepad

  • @booldega

    Yea that looks amazing except for the design! I hope they just put that functionality in the gamepad 3.0 without changing the overall design of the 2.0 too much and it would be great!

  • Come on @BlackSharkTeam you have to make a new version of rhe Gamepad 2.0 that is recognized as a standard gamepad to directly play games with gamepad support and not have to map all the buttons with each game, also add L3, R3, start and select buttons and pressing on a mode button switch to mouse mode, pressing again on the mode button switch back to gamepad mode

    All the Android gamepads, also Asus ROG Kunai are recognized as standard gamepad except Black Shark 2 Gamepad 2.0 and Red Magic 3 Pro Handle on which we have to map all the buttons with each game but standard gamepad is WAY better and always works better than mapping which looks more like a workaround trick

  • Any news about this problem?


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