Android Pie

Where's the update, anyone have an update??


  • Beta testers are actively testing the Android Pie update. Give the developers a little more time to resolve some bugs. I guess there will be an announcement for the release soonish?

  • Time, its allways time.

    When will be the time to start give some support? Dont u think it is the time by now?

    We should have say also when purchasing "just give us time, we will pay you soon, be patient.."

    There is no more time understand dude. Dont sell your product on market if it is onyl semi finished and full of bugs and problems. Neither if you are not able to support it. Customers are not testing crew, we have all paid for service!!

  • Meanwhile cingcong version bug and error on Android pie already solved,and global still beta test,if you go to Facebook BS global FP ,you'll see their marketing strat by mocking other gaming phone,BS maybe better than Asus and Razer,but your costumer and developer service for global market suck as fuck,

    Note: for BS fangay pls throw me some classic excuse about small company and lack manpower bla bla bla

  • Many of us agreed with you.

    Btw who gives a damn if it is a small company or having lack of manpower...??? Its their problem, solve it. If dont have the resources dont sell your product.

    When they were promoting their phones it was never mentioned "ohh, buy my product but keep in mind we are small hence will not able to support you.." why not? Sure, nobody would bought from them.. shame shame shame

    Anyhow i think it wont stay for long, a company with this attitude will not survive for long. Market is big, there are many other products, ppl gonna choose another brand for anlong run...


  • I noticed that you scoff at other phones that have the same processor that you use, what drives you to that money ?? And you have unsuccessful support and make fun of the followers Tbalkm every month you issue a new phone and Tsun, which after you see this true you will lose all followers I own a channel on YouTube I will publish you on the channel and I recommend to people that Aishro you any product Lech has support fuck you

  • Next time, people will just buy other gaming smartphones, after such support for users.

  • Yes it is a profitable company for whichever support is only interested in promoting and dropping other brands

  • Every time they say soon fuck them we have been patient enough

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