[Fans Recruitment]Behold the Legend, #next station_______,Join us now!

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Now,welcome every join our Launch blow:

Please join our Facebook ASAP :https://www.facebook.com/groups/358233471749604/


Legends - what defines a legend?

Black Shark has their own answer, and every technological innovation is designed to bring the ultimate gaming experience to gamers.

What will Black Shark bring to everyone this time?

Today we invite you to witness the legend.

░Registration method (both steps must be completed)░:

Step1: Comment blow in the blanks of the tag topic and reply'#next station, __________'(which city hosts the Black Shark launch event you look forward to and why?)

Step2: Fill out the questionnaire within the specified time

(This questionnaire is only allowed to be filled out three times per person, please be sure to fill in carefully)


░ Recruitment time░

August 21 - August 28, 2019.

░ List announcement time░

August 30, 2019

░ Recruitment number░

50 * fans

░ Notes░

There are no travel and accommodation arrangements for this event (fans who are in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding cities are preferred).



  • ░Selection method░

    The final list of this event will be selected by the fans to fill out the recruitment information. Please fill in your personal information carefully!

    ░ Recruitment rules░

    1. Personal information should be filled in the recruitment questionnaire, please fill out the questions accurately on time;

    2. The screening qualification will be comprehensively screened by the Black Shark forum staff reference fan's topic post and the personal information on the event form, there will be a staff member to contact you  after the final list announcement;

    3. If you participate in the recruitment, you will accept the final result of this recruitment;

    4. The number of activities is limited, but the value of participation is unlimited. We hope everyone respects and understands each other;

    5. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the Black Shark Forum.

  • Reserved floor🤐

  • #next station, Mid Valley Megamall. Because I work here.

  • '#next station, Ipoh, Because this is a heritage place.

  • '#next station, Penang, Because there is a lot of good food and good place

  • #next Station,Germany,because the black shark company can get there attention.

  • #next station,Germany, because the Black Shark company can get there attention.

  • #next station east Malaysia

    let east Malaysia people can use black shark product

    can get more advisory from black shark

  • #next station, Ipoh, Because it's with sceneries of fascinating mountains and waters.

  • HoeHoe
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    #next station Selangor

    because have many shark fan !

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