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Where can I find my Shark Code? I see I can apply it when I open Game Studio, but I don't know here to find it.

"Input a Shark Code to import profile"

Thanks in advance!

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    Don't worry about Shark code too much. Create a custom setting on your gamer studio that is suitable for you, for that app.

    Each game that is added to Sharkspace has its own Gamer studio profile associated with it as soon as the game is added.

    I'll give you a usecase / hypothetical example where this comes handy:

    Now let's say that we are friends. We both have Blacksharks and are a pro Pubg or Honkai Impact players.

    I come to your house for a Lan party with other friends (yeah I am that old)

    and I see that your graphics, response, texture reproduction, battery consumption to heat ratio, is better than mine, even though we have the same / exact performance settings inside the game.

    This is where I say - what Gamer studio settings have you applied? You show me the settings.

    I want to use the same as it is dope!

    All you need to do is drag Gamedock, open Gamer studio and on the top right there are 3 button like icons.

    First exports the code, second imports the code and third closes the studio.

    You click on the first one and it "copies" the auto generated profile code. You get the message that says something like - Sharkcode is saved for this XYZ app . Export or share on Forum or by other means.

    [Now this can be confusing. it is copied and not saved anywhere. If you open a notepad or text box, and long press to paste will see the code ]

    You telegram or Whatsapp or SMS me that code.

    ----- side note ----

    It has 2 components. 1. Os build/ version number and 2. Hashed auto code depending on your settings for that app.


    I go to the second icon, paste that code to import.

    It asks: Do you want to import Eagle2454's profile for the XYZ app? I say yes and Boom! I have the same settings as you now.

    Winner winner chicken dinner ..


    This also comes handy when you face issues with certain games and you need to ask for help. We can import your game profile and see what is causing the Issue.

    Again, like I said before, this only is superficial. It has nothing to do with the actual in game settings. This just adds a second custom layer to the look and feel via the gamer studio.

    So feel free to mess with the settings and see what is better for you.

    I can show you how it works if you want a demo lol.

    Hope this helps


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