Omg! Don't buy this phone! The support is DEAD!

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I will not write a big story about all the issued I have and how they influence my daily routine as the forums are overflowing with those comments and discussions, I will point out the reasons why you should not buy this phone as a list.

BTW, I got it as a gift, and I feel soooo bad even thinking about selling it, but the phone makes me go crazy.

So, the list:

  • LATE UPDATES AS HELL! We might receive a new update to android 10 when android 12 will be running solid on other brands!
  • Sooooo bugggyyyyy, the phone is working great until it just "freezes" for no reason, and I need to restart it. I have tried to "turbo boost" it from the game studio, but it just works a little better and still freezes with the time.
  • My devices WiFi is dead, I cannot connect at all, tried many fixes, but nothing seems to work.
  • Lack of NFC in my country is a big deal apparently as I need to pay for some stuff with NFC, something that I have never thought of before I go this phone. (the phone was a gift, I didn't choose it).
  • The game-pads... ugh... why did you add that touch stick and why are they on the top, I just threw them aside and used my other joystick that is compatible with every android phone AND it holds the phone better AND it cost way less!.
  • Cases are kind of a big deal if you are using the game-pads frequently, I was walking a whole week with the plastic case with the joystick support from Black Shark but that is not a very nice case. Also the curved body of the smartphone makes it very hard to find a case and even if you find one you just kill the "looks" of the device.
  • Some apps may crash from time to time without any specific reason, they just close down while you are using them.
  • Many apps that support in-app chat, messaging, etc, are not usable! I need to open the apps to run at the background and only when they are "running" I will receive the messages.
  • There is no "mirrored space" - "parallel space" - "app clone" or whatever you call it, JoyUi is not a great ROM! I was rooting my devices before I go this one as it is also hard to root it and receive OTA when it is rooted compared to other brands, so... JoyUi Rom.. yay!

So that was my "why not to buy the BS phone guide" hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it was helpful.


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