Black Shark 2 Team - A Big Disappointment

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I've been using the phone for almost 4 months already. The hardware is good but the software is terrible - it has a lot of bugs, issues, and inconsistencies. The Black Shark 2 Team seems to be negligent in addressing software problems, and rolls out updates with more bugs in them!

Regarding the kernel sources and bootloader unlocking, they haven't released the former, and prevented the user to do the latter by totally removing bootloader unlocking capabilities of the phone.

If you're reading this, and are planning to buy one, I discourage you to do so. Better get a Red Magic 3 or Asus ROG Phone II.

Shoutout to Black Shark, Asus has just released bootloader unlocking tool and kernel sources for their two-week old ROG Phone II. SMH.


  • Agree,,

    Please @BlackSharkTeam, take a focus on software development

  • very much agreed as well

    I am actually waiting for the global release of the ROG phone 2 to get my hands on ..

    This black shark 2 software is just a big mess

  • how about we make a thread about this issue? for @BlackSharkTeam to read, list for "bugs, issues, inconsistencies" and another list for "lacking features". list all you find and i'll post them, and hope be constantly "upped" and edited.

  • Agree of it please @BlackSharkTeam more develop the software

  • They know about most of the bugs and issues, they don't have a big enough team to push updates out fast for fixes or added features, they are working hard to please their customers though.

  • you see, that maybe the case. but they have big enough team to release new model, and inherit the same software issues and so on. If that's their excuse, i'm not buying it. It would be great if every phone release is on par/consistent with its software updates. the way i see it, it's not.

  • as an black shark 2 user

    i can relate!

    the software is awful, and i already report them, and its been a month or over, they didnt fix anything

  • Bring Chinese Os version to global

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