Pixelworks is deactivated after a few minutes in Pubg Mobile?

Hello, when I play pubg mobile the game looks very nice, colorful, and very sharp, but, after a few minutes 3, 5 to 10 min, the game dulls, as if something were deactivated, and that vivid and sharp color disappears, inlcusive I must raise the brightness manually, quite.

I believe that it is the function of the PixelWords Chip that is deactivated. But this should not be so. I don't even finish a game with that active. Will it be a phone problem?


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    Someone else happens something similar in the game Pubg Mobile?

  • Not in pubg but when i play movie pixel work bug and wierd things append After 5-10 min

  • Hey @vemaxhachibi

    I haven't noticed something like that, but I'll check about that later again. What system version are you running? You are using the BS1 right? Do you experience that in all games? May I also ask in what specific settings you play PUBGm?


  • Thats bug .. hdr is enable by itself and suddenly disappeared in midle game .. (u cant find setting of it the latest version update make the setting gone)

    If u want to make it off .. just press power 1 time and unlock your phone again ..then hdr auto switch to off ..

    Do it when u playing a game ..

  • Hi, I have it in the highest configuration that the game allows. Graphics in HDR, Ultra frame rate, antialiasing and shadows activated. And not only happens in Pubg Mobile, I've also noticed it in other games. I have the latest version of the global BS1.

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