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I just bought this phone last 2 days ago.i buy it after i saw the ads showing the RGB LOGO light at the back of this phone. It was cool and the price is affordable.

i dont have problem with running any games , but it looks like so many features have been gone or disable.

So my question is,is there anyone have problem with rgb logo led is not lighting up?i cant even found the light settings for it.i have test the led,it does light up when i test it using code *#*#6484#*#*.Anyone here know about this? my phone doesnt have theme and many more of the

my phone model is SKR-H0

My current system after update is G66X1906170OS00MPX

#together we make blackshark one alive. 😴


  • Go in settings you will see lights setting check this pic below and since you buy global version its stock Android most themes etc are om Chinese version thats a sad part but i think black shark is bringing all that features in pie update to global version also

  • In my light settings.i only havi this it normal??

  • Yes, maybe in pie we have mire features

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