[Shark hero]#He or she is me,share your favorite gaming character video story

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What does the game mean to you?

He, Mario, a game character who is not afraid of failure, will never lose his will to survive.

She, Sivir: "The only thing I look up to is the sky". This is the attitude of the goddess of war.

You, you will cry because of the dramatic character story, you will also laugh seeing the victory on the horizon, you will be happy about companionships and their growth in game.

In games we can all become heroes and truly become the ones that we can't in real life.

Today everyone is welcomed to share the stories of their favorite game characters.

Why he? Why she?

Why me?

Why he/she is me?


3x Black Shark 2 Rookie Kit(for the best video)

Contest Duration

August 8 - august 18 , 2019.


Participate Rules:

We highly recommend you make a YouTube video to share your story. Don't forget to comment below what are your favorite characters in games and maybe post a picture.

DEMO video :


a. Spammy posts will be disqualified and may get an official warning.

b. The video of this contest may be used by us for other purposes. If you mind, please indicate that .

The right to explain the event belongs to the Black Shark team.

c. Because of the problem of international logistics delivery, we will send it in a unified way after solving the problem(So the prize will be sent late. ).

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