Best launcher and compatible app forBS1 BS2 Global Rom

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Hi rebellions since global rom is stock no theme and plain simple i found solution for myself take a look at the screen shot and app i use to get most out of my BS1

All the apps you can get on apk mirror or search on Google and the version i use are compatible. Since i like dark mode i use these

1) Lawnchair launcher alpha

2) icon pack line bit

3) music sony music from xda check picture for version

4) for 3d sound i use X music player 3d.

5) for best selfie i use asus selfie master ported u can get it on apk mirror.

6) for keyboard i use SwiftKeyboard.

7) for gallery i use asus gallery as its very stable and has dark mode.

8) edge lighting so my screen edge lights up when i receive messages notifications or call.

Edge lighting

Swift keyboard

Asus gallery only this version is compatible find on apk mirror.

Asus calculator

Asus calculator this version only works as it has calculator currency converter and unit converter very handy app

Sony music port i got it from xda this version works like a charm.

Xplayer 3d gives amazing 3d surround music

Since we can't root and install magisk and dolby atmos etc this by far my solution till black shark unlocks the BS1 by releasi5the kernel souce for rooting etc.

All these apps are aok only just check the pic and find the verision if any latest version works then Goodluck.



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