Is there a clock app that can put in shark space?

I tried downloding some but they don't come out in the game list in shark space. I play some game where I need to collect stuffs at different timings so I need to always exit the shark space to put the alarm again.


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    There are many options/apps.

    You can try Floating Timer from the Google App store. (looks like a stopwatch with green background). The app is early access but should work properly in your scenario)

    You need to install the application. Start the application once to give it permission for overlaying over other apps. Set a timer count down time or alarm time and other fun settings you can mess with.

    Once done you can start Sharkspace, click on the 4 sqaures on the top right and then the plus + sign to add floating timer app to the shark space application.


    Start the timer app, start the timer once, and play the game. there are instructions to reset , update, start , stop or remove the floating window. most of them are just tap tap tap tap on the timer window. No need to quit the game.

    I hope this is helps in reducing the sharkspace quitting times.

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