Screen recorder

Can add Screen recorder un Nextel update?


  • Tell you in secret🤐

    For BlackShark2 ,we already have the development plan for this function, stay tuned in our update later.

  • That is amazing to hear @Davon.z

    I hope they also add it to the Black Shark 1.

  • I been asking for this feature for ages. Anybody knows if this feature gonna be added to black shark 1?

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    Great to hear black shark 2 is getting it. But what about black shark 1?

  • I also have a black shark 1, is this first version also included in the plan? Bc I hope it is otherwise it would be very unfair. I also thought it had a built in recorder to begin withbc the chinese version does but global doesnr and I would like to have an update for this feature soon please

  • I gave up on this already. Will buy Nubia Red Magic 3 instead of squeezing this shit company that takes ages to deliver updates. They already failed many global rom users in terms of After sales support.

  • Hopefully we will see this feature with the pie update but anyway that for sure still takes a while...

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    From my experience, The screen recorder still need an improvement. The screen recorder only record at 30fps, while i play at 60fps. The difference is huge. How can i promote this product while my recording video is not smooth? And while i try a playstore recorder, they can't record the internal audio. Damn!

  • Please upd. systemsound screen recorder

  • @niko1988 you can long press the screen recorder icon to show settings for the screen recorder. There you can set "system sounds" as your "sound source".

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