Anyone have issue with super cinéma mode ??.? I have something like lag

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When. I play a movie, sometimes is work fine et another ,on same movie , lag and wierd things appear ??!!

Anyone Can help me ?? Or a dev Can fix pls

#black shark 2


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    I play movies, TV series and other random downloaded & online videos in general on the Black shark 2 with the super cinema mode on.

    I dont feel any lagging or frame rate drops. I use MX player to play downloaded files.

    Could you please elaborate more on the issue with information like :

    the App / Player you are using

    length and format of the video file

    size of the file

    screenshots of the issue if possible?

    This will help narrow it down!

  • The bug is on vlc

    Other movie App not work with super cinema mode ...?? Why , i don't know... If is work for you , i quest is a Big beug .

    This beug appen on every format and size

    (I play all my movie on my phone)

    Screenshot impossible , thé bug is like : quality excellent for 5-10 min, and After , the quality drop with pixel blur or similar around movement objects ... After is like frame drop and lag ...

    That anoying because is destroy the feel of smooth 60fps movie ....

    Pls i hope that help for fix this THX

  • Pls try vlc App ... If you see any difference between mx player and vlc ... Because i try mx player and is not work at all with super cinema mode ... It's 30 fps ....

    Pls try

  • Hey @Tristanfloquet

    I haven't noticed that and I'm using VLC sometimes even though I usually don't watch so long videos on it. Anyway this issue sounds a little weird? Do you also have the same problem if you add VLC as game into shark space? Just a wild guess that might help?

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    Super Cinema Mode doesn't really work on MX Player. It only works on VLC

  • Hello, the same thing happened to me with Netflix, in super cinema mode micro cuts or lag were produced in the fluid reproduction it has, I think they are like 60 frames per second.

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    Thx i am not alone . I Hope that will be fix soon.

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