Regulations and Code of conduct for the Internal Beta testing user application

Part 1, Meeting the basic conditions of beta internal testing

1. Applicants must possess/have the mobile phone of the corresponding model and be an active user of the phone during the testing phase

2. Testers should be patient, knowledgeable, and someone who is willing to grow with the Black Shark mobile phone and community.

3. Willing to provide basic information such as forum nickname, IMEI number, mobile phone number, valid email address, and Beta account number.

4. Applicant should have enough time to participate in the entire testing process.

5. They should be able to accept questions from the development team, other testers and administration about the beta version. Also should be able to respond with information such as bugs, defects, etc. with proper examples, error details, and logs.


Part 2, Internal Beta testing Qualification rules

1. Those who have been warned, banned, or whose access has been temporarily revoked for violations of the Black Shark Forum rules will not be eligible for application within ONE month of the end of the penalty period.

2. Applicants who enter the Black Shark Forum and/or Social Media blacklist are not eligible to apply.

3. Having an extensive or prior Beta testing experience, and thorough knowledge of the Android Pie OS work space is preferred.

4. If you are a gamer - that will be an added advantage.

5. Active forum users are required and preferred. ( PS: Changing the default avatar and default nickname before signing up can increase the chance of passing .)


Part 3, Internal Beta testing - Confidentiality Regulations and Penalties

The following information has the be kept confidential at all times during the process:

(instructions should be followed to avoid permanent ban)

1. System version number

2. Version update log, version functions, update pointers, sequential hotfixes, and related files/data

3. It is forbidden to install the software to run the points other than as instructed.

4. Requests/information shared on/by/about messages, notifications, beta group details, mode of contact for testing, group number, members and other details

5. It is forbidden to share any/all software in the system, ROM, etc - for others to use, online or offline, specially to anyone who is not in the beta program.

6. Prohibition of sharing links, details, leaking information about the beta testing version satisfaction, surveys and other questionnaires

7. Prohibit leaking information related to Beta bill of lading, documents, log tracker, bug reporting & other softwares, and tracking response interfaces

8. Any screenshots/videos of the operating system and functionality should not be shared on Social Media, in other sections of the forum, or anywhere.

The above content must be kept strictly confidential, and it is not allowed to be disclosed in any form such as screenshots, texts, videos, etc. online or offline apart from to the users inside the testing program.

Once discovered that the information is leaked, the ones responsible will be directly and permanently removed despite qualifications/merit/rank/status/contributions ,they will be placed into the closed beta blacklist, and participation in any following beta activity will be prohibited for those responsible for such acts.



  • Question ....

    I'm from Brazil and I'd like to be a beta tester ...

    But I want, for example install Netflix ... It will be possible, as a beta tester ?

  • This should be posted on some other thread but since you have asked it, the beta ROM could be unstable.

    Ideally, Netflix should work if you install it. Any applications from the Playstore should work. You can install external applications, there is no restriction on installation. @Davon.z Could you please confirm this?

  • how to use screen shot on black shark1 🤔 there is any option?

  • Press or hold volume key down and power button together it will take Screen shot on BB2

  • Hey @ctsuzuki ,

    Yes it is possible to install Netflix and watch all your content and use it as your DD. Normally everything should work alright but don't get too frustrated if something doesn't work. The hole purpose of beta testing is to find bugs. Obviously the version won't be as stable as the final release. There is no guarantee that for example also Netflix will work all the time flawlessly.

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