[Announcement] Android Pie Beta test for Black Shark 1, apply now!



  • #BlackShark1 i want to see how is your OS with Android P, to see if it will be more stable.

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    Even after 8 month of problems with software, I still do not think to change my phone to something else. because it's best ^_^

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    I'll test it, and I'll send reports on all the problems

  • its kinda funny that by the time this phone will actually receive the android pie update plus bug fixes patches, because i'm sure that there will be bugs even in the official release version(not sure if there will be bug fixes thought, judging from this company's lousy track record for software updates) most other brands will start updating their devices to android Q.

  • hopefully this phone will receive some non-gaming related features , like Widevile L1 support for hd playback on other apps besides youtube.

    like netflix, amazon, hbo go etc.

    does anyone know if the black shark 2 has that or not , to try and guess if this phone will receive that as well?

    because its kind of dumb if the BS2 doesn't have widevine L1 support, even though it has an HDR10-compliant display.

    if it does, then hopefully this phone will receive it as well since it would be nice to be able to hd content on other streaming services.

  • Wooooww...

    Amazing 🤩

  • #Blackshark1

    Found lot of bug and still not fixed till now ..

    Hdr auto on and nowhere to turn off ( can turn off by klik 1 time to turn of the phone )

    Launcher on this phone cannot switch always .

    While in game studio ..shark mode .. the game will crash sometimes when phone whatsapp in ! Or suddenly the sound earphone gone ! And mic off too and need to restart the phone..

    Brightness adaptive no optimally.. sometimes not working ..

    Im latest version blackshark 1 global ..

    If i can join this event ..i will help with feedback

  • just leave a note to emphasize i am active and can be more active.

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    i love to play games on my phone. And blackshark is the best gaming phone i ever have. so i want to help community to make blackshark even better .

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