Can add compatibility whith ARCore of Google


  • I thought all android pie devices supported ARCore 😕

  • Try installing it from apkmirror, i will try when mine comes.

  • Thanks bro, I got your question. I will give feedback on this requirement to the r&d.

    If there is any progress I will let you know.

  • I just got mine today and sideloaded ARCore, it just crashes the game everytime, you would think a phone this new would support it.

  • Here I am looking for.... Like a powerful gaming smartphone and does not support such a necessary utility, although all the sensors for this is and work better than others. Black shark 2. When will Arcore be supported????

  • When can a decision be expected?

  • support response


    The blackshark is more focused more on compettive gaming experiences, we do not officially support AR-Core and do not have short term plan for it, however there are method you could take to unlock AR-Core support of anyphone , which might invovle process of unlock BL, so I'm not gonna state it more here, if you are interested google “ARCore/Playground Patcher”

    Best Regards

    Black Shark Global

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