No call sound when playing games.

I got the BS2 last week (a few days before BS2 Pro announcement) and my problem is this. When i play a game out of shark space and some one calls me there is no ringtone. The option from the game menu to mute all notifications while gaming is not enabled. I have searched the options in the phone but i cannot find a solution about this.

It seems that the NoNotification and Noincall options are ON by default no matter what i do and can't be turned OFF.

Any input is welcome.


  • Let me test this. I'll let you know by the end of the day.

    Meanwhile, I had a couple of questions.

    When you are in SharkSpace, you do get the pop up that someone is calling or messaging you, right? (not the ringtone, just that answer / reject call notification?)

    When you are out of sharkspace and try to play any games, does this ringtone work at that time?

  • Ok. So I tested this and you are right.

    There is a pop up for incoming call / messages with all the proper lighting effects (when the no notification/no calls button is off in the game dock. But no ringtone.

    I spoke to other Blackshark users @InMemoriam and @LinkSSZ . They explained to me that this must be an intended feature considering this is a Gaming phone.

    *According to the discussion - When you are in Sharkspace (or Add a game to shark-space and play the game outside of Sharkspace), you are instructing the phone that you want the best out of the game and the phone with minimal disturbances.

    Some games treat InGame-Sound as one of their gameplay audio queues. Regardless whether it is a survival game or MMO. Missing a single sound in the game can mean instant death for the player in the game. Resulting in less game immersion.

    When you are in Sharkspace, the phone assumes that since you toggled the button, you must be either holding the phone in your hand or will be connecting it to an external display.

    In either of those scenarios, you should be able to see the Call pop up and lighting effects plus the vibration from the phone.

    If you are not playing, just toggle to sharkspace button and you are back to normal (from the eyes of the phone)

    I totally agree with what they said.. and it must be an intended feature. Right @Davon.z ?

    There is only one catch. If I am not in sharkspace, and I play the game. I do not hear the ringtone.


    If you REALLY want to hear the ringtone:

    Go to Sharkspace and remove the game from the list by clicking on the 4 squares at the top right.

    Long press the game and remove it from the space. (This will not uninstall the game. Just remove it from Sharkspace)

    Now come out of Sharkspace and play the game. You will get the ringtone too,. I tested this as well. It works.

    Thanks @InMemoriam and @LinkSSZ for the suggestions and workaround.

  • Thanks for your research and answer @Divyaansha .

    To be honest I already had in the back of my head your answer as the most logical explanation, although to be honest I didn't think of removing the game from shark space and try it that way.

    The explanation is solid if not for the fact that I some times have a game on auto farming while I do other things and I am not paying attention to the screen. But I guess I can live with the workaround. Although the dev team could do something about this given that we wave dedicated buttons on the gaming UI to mute calls, notifications and anything else. Now that the BS2 pro is announced the software could get an upgrade with more features.

  • So true So true. I have trying to see if we can get that added to the next Sharkspace update. It is difficult when you are not directly in touch with the developers. Trying my best.

    Meanwhile, should I consider this partially resolved? I was tracking it for updates. I have added it to my to do list. Let me know

  • You should check the settings on your device, you can change the ringtone at ring320kbs, zedge

  • If the game was released with this feature working by default, there is little you can do about it. You will have to adjust yourself to these settings. But addressing the technical team, you may tell them about this shortcoming, and they can modify it during the next upgrade. It is normal. I am from the Netherlands, find Amsterdam webcam. And I see the games are upgraded regularly with new features added.

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