How can I change my Joy Ui into global version

Mine is blackshark helo


  • The Black Shark Helo only got released on/for the Chinese market -> there is no global version for that phone.

  • I was also looking for information to change the International ROM to Global ROM.

    I would love for Xiaomi to make the Global ROM available for upgrade.

  • How can i change my chinese rom to global rom

    My device is is black shark 2

  • Hey @istekhar, ROMing is sadly not officially supported. If you want to do it regardless and know what you're doing you can find relevant information on the XDA-developers forum. But be warned that it's maybe not a trivial task and you could end up bricking your device.

  • Could someone please assist with a full guide how to install a global ROM

  • Hola, muy mal no poder proprocionar las roms oficiales por si hay algún problema con el terminal. Los usuarios no podemos estar 2 meses sin smarphone para enviarlo al sat. .. punto muy muy negativo para esta compañía independiente .eh adquirido este terminal hace 5 días.. voy a devolver y pasarme a la competencia realme. Un saludo.... Ya que me está dando problemas con el wifi..con la nueva actualización.

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