Я уже устал ждать обновления на Black Shark 1 global. Когда вы планируете запустить обновление?

Black Shark RIP???


  • It was mentioned on facebook in the black shark rebelion group that the bs1 should receive the Pie update by the end of August...yea right.

    And since the BS2 Pro is just around the corner the BS2 is soon gonna receive the same treatment as the 1st gen whey they stop supporting the device completely.

    From what I've read from the people on the china rom that update to Pie that it almost broke the phone, i would prefer that they dont release a pie version at all if they are just gonna break the phone in order for people to buy the newer models.

    It works just fine on oreo, can still max out any game you throw at it.I would rather they only provide security updates instead of a half baked pie update that's just gonna break the phone.

  • Noooooooo don't do that blackshark pls i bought the blackshark 2 for more update and fix .... Pls don't do that

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