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Everyone seems to have that one app that they find immensely useful, and are puzzled as to why the rest of the world isn’t using it. Maybe it’s a weather app, a better way of finding music, or an app for making sure you have something to read or listen to on the train; it’s something you find yourself going back to again and again, and think other people are missing out on.

Today,We wanted to find out what those apps were,If you have a great APP to recommend, comment to share with us.

Note: everyone shares a APP that you think is the best.

For example:

Quark Browser is free on Android

Google Photos is free on Android.

WoodBox is free on Android.



  • There still have a lot of apps that aren't mentioned in the article. Share them with us😀.

  • Lost android.

    With this app you can control your phone with sms if you lost or someone stole it.

    You can turn on and off wifi and data connection.

    Ring phone, wipe data, launch apps, locate.

    If someone changebthe SIM Card you get a message for a emergency number

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    I like FRep, it saves and replays your finger inputs, I use it for pokemon go because I have 4 accs and it helps me keep on top of them, it's also useful for grinding out levels in repetitive games.

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    Advanced Download Manager:

    Powerful Downloader for Android

    ES File Explorer Pro:

    ES File Explorer is full-featured File manager, with a lot of other useful tools.

    MX Player Pro:

    Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support. can run lots of video format on phone or over network.


    Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google.

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    can you please allow RGB lighting effects running in the background for Jet Audio music player? This is far the best music player in playstore and been using it for years.


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    My favorite Apps on BS2:

    GCAM - Bring your BS2 camera to the next level. Follow the instructions in this thread to install a Google Camera on the Phone that really steps up the capabilities. Night Mode / HDR+ pictures and the portrait mode just look amazing with these ports.

    Nova Launcher Prime - This laucher can customize your hole phone. Change the layout/size/... and install custom icons-packs and download even more from google for free. Also additional features/gestures are available in the prime version like swiping down anywhere on the home screen to access your notifications. No need to make your finger do acrobatic and risk dropping the phone ;). Or just swipe up to access the drawer/recent apps.

    VLC - Just to play all media video files without issues as some media types have problems with the default app.

    Moonlight - If you have an NVIDIA graphics card like a GTX 1000-series GPU or higher I really can recommend giving that app a try. Its amazing to just play your PC games directly on the phone in amazing quality with super good latency if you have a decent internet connection. Only downside is that the Gamepads 2.0 are not registered as default controllers its the easier to just use any other bluetooth controller and just connect it to the phone...pls @BlackSharkTeam consider finally releasing the gamepad 3.0 with those features and L3, R3 and a joystick on the right side.

    More for developers and IT lovers:

    Termux - I am a big Linux fan. I usually also run (addition) real linux on my phone as I often need to quickly do some crazy stuff. Its kind of difficult to archive this without root though. Termux is an amazing command line tool to give you basic functionality without the need to root. Adding additional packages it's even possible to run Databases like MongoDB. Also npm - NodeJS and Angular 6 also work without any problem. Penetration testing and other security related capture tools and basically everything I tried also works amazing. Bottom line I highly recommend this app if you know linux.

  • My favorites are SD maid and Wunderlist

  • My favorite app is the Microsoft launcher which gives you more user friendly features cant even think of using launcher

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