When does the Black Shark 1 global version update?



  • Got the update for Android P. :)

  • Wowww, I'm global users and I still wait, nice for you

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    please help i can't enter the menu stop in fasstboot mode (bootloop)

  • *** Deadly BUG after update Android P ***

    My black shark is china rom. The latest update is android 9.

     Version: G66X1906251CN00MPP Device SKR-A0

    After the update, I encountered a serious bug and encountered the same problem. Many people in the Black Shark Thailand community encountered the following problems:

    1. Device Random Restart, often about 30 minutes

    2. The next problem is not able to open 'Shark Space' (application has stoped).

    3. Cannot open 'App Info' of all App

    ** I have done many factory resets and hard resets, but after a few hours of use This problem came back to T_T. Please help release the update to fix this BUG too. Thank you.

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