When does the Black Shark 1 global version update?



  • متى تطلقون تحديث القرش الاسود

  • I feel like Black Shark team do not care about BS1 anymore. I'm afraid we got bricks 🤔😥😡😡

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    A message for every Android P Beta tester:

    How much time did it took for you to get the Android P beta after sending a request?

    I have sent a request 4 days ago and I still don't have the update.

  • Hey guys

    Today, I talked to the engineers of the Black Shark China. He said that the global version is not the same department as the Chinese version.

    So he doesn't know if the global version will be updated.

    He said that they will consult the global department for updates, but it may take several days.

    I hope to get good news.

  • @addop555

    Pls do keep us updated.

  • im using BS2 but this is very sad

    after new device is come they will forget the old one, im afraid if they release any new device related to black shark then BS2 will be forgotten same as BS1

  • im 100% sure that if the BS1 doesn't receive anymore updates , then the BS2 will have the same faith next year when a new device will arrive.BS1 global was released with android oreo and its still on that , BS2 released with android pie and will remain with the same version if they dont update the BS1 anymore.

    The BS1 doesnt have that much value anymore, but if i was one of the people that bought the BS2 , i would start looking in to selling the device while you still can and get something like the nubia magic 3 or wait for razer phone 3 or rog phone 2

  • yes that is what im afraid of

    thats why every phone companies has its own weakness

    xiaomi device probably comes with awesome chipset and cheapest price in the market but yeah this is what we deserve after buying a cheap phones from china. they didnt care about our satisfaction, and most of xiaomi phones do have bug and i hope they keep fixing those device until 2-3 years after it launch.

    and IF BS2 have a same faith as BS1, probably this is the last device i bought from china.

  • not right,Black shark is funded by xiaomi, but the system is not miui.

    as far as I know, miui has at least 3 years of updates for each mobile phone, but does not include MTK. As long as flash developer rom, miui is updated every month.

    The system used by the black shark was modified by the coolpad system that closed down a few years ago.

    So the predecessor of Joy UI is the Journey UI.

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