When does the Black Shark 1 global version update?



  • Guys I think it's better if they skip pie and just go for Android Q for black shark 1 global as that has native screen recorder with internal sound.

    I don't mnd the delay because if @BlackSharkTeam just go for Android Q for black shark 1 global we can solve two problem with one stone lol! Think about it we'll get the latest update plus native screen recorder with internal sound! I hope @BlackSharkTeam with give this a high consideration. Thank you!

  • Hey @black5hark,

    I would totally agree and also would love Android Q right away (dark mode!/screenrecorder/...) but things are not moving so quick. Obviously they are working on porting Android Pie to the Black Shark 1 for a "long time" already. So for sure pie will come to it. At this current point we have to assume they must be nearly finished with it so skipping it is basically no option anymore.

    Bottom line Black Shark is not Google and there is no stable Android Q out there yet so when thinking about it rationally android pie will come to the Black Shark 1 for sure and Android Q will still take a long time if it even ever make it to the Black Shark 1.

    Just my thoughts though ;)

  • I use the Chinese rom, for the translation of text to the French I use Morelocale 2. I find that the Chinese version is more stable and I have Black Shark theme 😉

  • Please update versi global

  • please keep this phone updated seems to have a dead scene.

    if not release the source see devs can have a go.

  • I beg you to immediately update the xiaomi black shark's global operating system

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    hi .. you can try Android P, on China Blackshark1 ROM, via Wechat by requesting Android P Beta update. try joining the Indonesian blackshark group via Facebook.

    this is my blackshark update image

  • Can you send me the link of the Indonesian Black Shark group?

  • Can someone active my account on WeChat please?

    Germany(+49) 1573 5900357

    Thank you for you help

  • When I update the black shark version, I have been lagging far behind me

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