After updated to Android 9 my shark always restart..WHY??

Developer team please tell me why???



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    if you are using the china version bs1 then i dont think that the dev team can help you with that.

    because they hardly even provide any updates regarding software development or bug fixes for the global version 😅

    might have better luck finding solutions or workarounds on the Chinese forum

  • Look like my shark got sad 😔

  • Ok that comment made me laugh, can you do anything on it or is it just rebooting constantly on its own until the battery dies?

    Or does it just randomly restart?

  • I think I read something on the Chinese forum that after ~30 minutes it just likes to restart 😅 this version still seems to be full with bugs. Hope they push an update soon.

  • Yupp.. sound like that..30-40 min my shark restart... hope the dev team do something to release my shark from this net.. 😭

  • Mine too, the frequency is after you have made a change usually, though this is not always the case, I get random restarts all the time.

    I have had one application completely stop and the account settings are broken. Facebook messenger.

  • in that case they can stick the android pie global update up their asses if its gonna have that many bugs as well.

    dont really care about android pie, only the built in screen recorder and an more updated shark space, a dark mode if possible too.

    but if they cant do that without fucking up the phone in the process...then no thanks

    thew phone works just fine with oreo still

  • why the fuck is this still an issue

    why no response from the devs

    pack of cunts, never buying this brand again

  • got the same problem too, here is my situation:

    do you guys have the same problem?

  • i did a factory reset tonight

    I have a BS1 SKR-A0

    It seems to have stopped the problem

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