Set dark mode theme in the Black Shark 2



  • The problem is it's not the proper android p dark mode, the settings menu is still blinding white 🤣

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    That is actually the stock Android P dark mode 😅. Real stock dark mode will come with Android Q but I don't think we will see that anytime soon.

  • Lmho I thought it was just missing as iv heard many people complain that it's missing, plus my s8 has the option but from what i have just read you are right.

  • Hi, sorry for the out of topic question, but how did you set those icons for ur black shark?

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    Hey @shinningforceneo,

    You can use a different launcher and icon packs to archive this.

    Many people are recommending Nova launcher and you can just search for different icon packs on Google.

  • Hi @InMemoriam,

    Thanks for the reply, I thought it was part of the UI itself, as i have tried nova launcher and it felt very overwhelming with all the customization, does UI eat alot of battery or cause any glitches?

  • Hey @shinningforceneo,

    No it shouldn't use noticeably more battery nor should there be any glitches. Not more than there are on the phone os generally at least. Have fun customizing your phone. I can really recommend also going for the pro version of nova launcher and enjoy swiping down anywhere on the home screen to access your notifications. No need to make your finger do acrobatic and risk dropping the phone ;)

    As I said there are bugs in the Black Shark OS that you might stumble into using a different launcher. For example it will ask you what launcher do you use after exiting shark space. No matter how often you press the "Always use Nova Launcher" it will still ask you again... You also might notice that the accessibility service keep resetting after you restart the phone. This is default stock behavior though...Anyway these bugs have nothing to do with the apps itself but with the OS and hopefully they will be addressed at some point.


  • Hi @InMemoriam

    Thanks for the info man, will definitely try out Nova launcher again and prolly go pro version.

  • Wow thanks for sharing@Sime90ita

    Learned something new today 😍

    @LinkSSZ yeah wish the settings went dark too

    @InMemoriam Nova launcher FTW! (Except the Set launcher always issue)

  • the real dark mode is in chinese rom i don't why developers put it in global rom its same phone same brand

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