[Announcement]July 2019 OTA Update for Black Shark 2:Download now!



  • Don't destroy the phone because the developers /software engineers are incompetent!

  • @BlackSharkTeam @black5hark I can confirm that since the update, the battery Drain is terrible. My phone only lasts 8-10 hours a charge.. Before it lasted all day... Please fix..

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    Bugs/unusable feature I found so far:

    1. Light effect (notification) not working correctly. Randomly on even there's no new notification. I think its because of Im using Internet Speed Meter Lite that always stick on top of the notification bar. So the notification LED always ON. PLEASE FIX!
    2. Screen brightness issue when using finger print at lock screen. Brightness shoot up suddenly when using in screen finger print sometimes.
    3. Finger print logo appeared when making calls.
    4. Still, no support for Interband Carrier Aggregation 4G+ (B3+B7) which is widely used in my country.
    5. Brightness problem when holding phone in landscape. While gaming in landscape the brightness tends to be lowered sometimes, which is annoying.
    6. Games froze in split screen mode while other app runs (vice versa).
    7. Screen keep ON in lockscreen (sometimes)
    8. Turn off battery saver will turn off night mode (developer option) at the same time.
  • Yes my phones battery dies so much faster, pls fix bad get someone competent!

  • 14. Optimized compatibility of free fire when using gamepad

    15. Optimized stability of Dolphin Emulator and other Game simulator when using GamePad

    What did exactly change with the Gamepad 2.0 ? Has standard/generic gamepad support been added ?

  • @booldega

    for 15.: It doesn't crash anymore on the BS2 as soon as you move the joystick ^^. Pretty big "optimized stability". Finally usable with gamepads :D

  • @InMemoriam Cool, finally. But you still need to display the dolphin virtual buttons on the BS2 screen and map the Gamepad 2.0 Pro Kit buttons to the on-screen buttons ? Still not possible to configure and assign the Gamepad 2.0 buttons in dolphin settings and play without displaying the virtual gamepad buttons on screen like with any other 20€ android gamepad ? :/

  • Just purchase blackshark 2 silver, hope geat the update soon

  • Hello im kuya, idk after this update my bs2 when its connected to charge it always over heated.. it sure fast charging but idk why.. should i concern about this one ?? Cause the heat is so freakin hot man..

  • After update SKYW1907031OS00MP3 performance drop.FPS 10, not smooth game performance, before that my performance no issue 100% ok. Please ASAP.(already format/reset factory).

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