Is there a way to downgrade ? After the recent update, some app stop working, like Netflix

Hi, I update my Black Shark to Version G66X1906251CN00MPP and after that, the NetFlix app is incompatible ..

Any help, please ?




  • Hey @ctsuzuki,

    As far as I'm aware of there is sadly no way of downgrading. You have the Chinese version right? Is that the Pie update for it? Maybe you could find more information about that issue on the Chinese forum... I know that's probably not the answer you're looking for but that's probably the place where some people might know an answer to that issue..?:

  • I'm facing the same problem with Netflix here...

  • Hi @InMemoriam,

    Thank you for you answer ...

    Yes, my BS is a Chinese Version ....

    What is "Pie update"


  • Hi @InMemoriam,

    :-D .. the site that you provides is in Chinese .... :-(

    I'm Brazilian ... Portuguese or English ... Spanish maybe ... Chinese no .... :-(


  • Hey man...yea I know it's's the Chinese forum...for the Chinese version of the phone...

    I mean the Android P Update for the bs1. They will upgrade from Oreo to P. And I heard some Chinese users already have it. The global ROM update for that still takes until end of august/sept. I can imagine there are some small compatibility problems still as the Chinese ROM version is build for the Chinese market.

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    I also don't speak Chinese but luckily google is translating the hole website for me. I took a look in there for the update news and it seems this version is super buggy as a lot of users write about different problems there.

    People write even the beta was more stable lol. Hope they can fix the issues soon.

  • Now, I find out that the Play Store didn't update the Apps too ...

    Help !!!!

  • Hmm, what kind of Play Store version are you running?

    Maybe uninstall the old one and install a new version:

    Hopefully that solves all issues in the end.

  • Hi,

    I already tried it .. didn't work ... :-(

    I hope that they release a patch soon .... :-(

    Without Netflix or games .... I'm dead ... :-(

  • So I've left couple of posts on the Chinese forum and now I'm hoping to receive some feedback from thr other Chinese users but the thing is that they in China don't use Netflix much so I'm not sure if we'd have any positive replies.

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