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  • please bring the system wide dark theme. some fonts would be cool. options to change back button position from left to right and add a down arrow button option to drag down notifications window without actually swiping down on it. give more settings from Chinese versions to other versions

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    mines currently up for sale and can't see that changing tbh. I was after a gaming phone and the black shark 2is not a gaming device for me at all.

    What I am really interested in (and one of 2 reasons I am selling)

    Outside of sharkspace all Bluetooth controllers work absolutely fine no issues.

    However inside/using sharkspace Dinput doesn't work at all. So controllers such as the ds4 (and most decent controllers) are not working inside sharkspace, but will outside.

    The nintendo switch joycons use xinput and work inside sharkspace aswell as ouside.  However all xinput controllers I've used are laggy af unresposive and not really usable in sharkspace.

    So cause I only game with a gamepad, shark space is a completely void and pointless feature.

    Secondly allow us to unlock the bootloader FFS.

    am really put off with the lack of/slow updates and judging by the bs1 that's going to be a theme.

    I've never had an android device that wasn't rooted so I am missing alot of features and apps that require root access.

    My above complaint would be null and void if I could enable sixaxis on the bs2 (but it requires root)

    There's loads of us that would like root access and access to the bootloader. And we are more than happy to root them ourself, we don't care about our warranty, we know it's on us if we brake them or mess em up and the potential risks involved in the process.

    Maybe in your next official update you could re-add the fastboot oem commands that you have removed , and allow us to make the phone more gamer friendly. Know it's not going to happen, but that's why am offloading mine anyway, and know of others jumping devices for the same reason.

  • I use the newer ds4 in shark space an it works fine wired but lags badly with bluetooth, I also use an 8bitdo sn30 with bluetooth and its flawless.

  • for global black shark 2

    1. add theme where users can freely customize their own UI, like other products (MIUI for example) Or even wide dark theme will do -- i hate it when i open settings and being bright hurts my eyes.
    2. Quickstep launcher -- right now i'm using poco launcher on my BS2, since its always a hassle swiping home button 2x to go into app drawer, no personalization settings (back ground transparency, toggle dark/light mode). Adding google now on quickstep home is a plus but too bright so no for me. Also adding home launcher on settings would be nice since there's always prompt of launcher selection everytime i toggle shark space.
    3. Missing dedicated music/video app, there should be "shark tunes" and video player. equalizer is a necessity. And a video able to download/load sub whenever it can. google video doesn't access local files i downloaded.
    4. Idk if its a bug, but when i turned off notifications / no incall. Facebook messenger app still slips through even on shark space mode. worse if someone called you via messenger, itll exit on what gaming app you're currently in. It wont reset if your quick enough though.
    5. add shark cooler toggle options (smart, icy, freeze) in shark space' gamer studio.
    6. adding features in camera app like lens blur and night mode options, also add features in edit pictures such as mosaic, doodle, erase, and text -- so to censor private details and/or add additional info on pictures.
  • Sounds good

  • #letusunlockbootloader

  • Modo loudicrous en benchmarks

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