[Black Shark Team ]This time,Together we win

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A game of one person can only bring happiness to one person

What about a two-person game?

I don't know, do you know?

We've already played too many single-player games, and it's time to play a team game.


This time, we play something different and awesome.

Playing game with your brother and friend, we win together



1x Black Shark Host mode Kit(for the Ranked first rebellion)

1x Black Shark Cooling case(for the Ranked second rebellion)

1x Black Shark T-Shirt(for the Ranked third rebellion)


Contest Duration:

Jan 13 - Feb 3 , 2020.

How to participate:

1. Find your teammate and join our official FB group 

(Click here:Black Shark PUBG Contest -https://www.facebook.com/groups/779645972514121/)

2. Play game with your friends in PUBG Classic(TPP) mode

3. Impact ranking 

Participate Rules:

We highly recommend you use the Shark time make a your game video to share your story.


Please note: you need to find your teammates together to join the qualifying game (teammates can be friends or random teammates)

You can join the competition at any time before the event ends, but Only top 3 of all the attendees will win the prize and we will also announce the ranking of everyone from time to time.

 The final ranking of the competition is based on the last statistical ranking of the rebellion.

a. Each account can win ONLY 1 prize. If the Rank points are the same, the earliest rebellion to submit information will wins.

b. Spammy posts will be disqualified and may get an official warning.

c. Cheating will not be tolerated. Any cheating software or photo manipulation will invalidate your entry, and your account may be closed.

d. Please obey the group management during the competition.Do not attack each other

Fight together and win!

Let us maintain a united attitude and look forward to the victory!


Q: Why PUBG ?

A: PUBG is a team game and that's why we chose it, maybe next time we will consider more games, everyone can prepare first


Q : Do I need to team up?

A : YES,This competition is a team victory.

Please note: Teammates can be your friends or random teammates that system will allocate a teammate for you in rank match)


  • fix the notification problems.

  • Hi every former developer, senior brother and all ... i need help about my black shark china version which is no IMEI, unknown baseband , cannot connect to wifi, no sim and freezing sometime. It work fine whole night but suddenly stop working when i woke up and screen on my phone. It show no sim and no network when i unlock my home screen. I try to check my IMEI and show no IMEI. I check baseband version but unknown baseband version and screen freeze sometime.

    So i try to repair IMEI and i flash twrp to root it. Everything was fine and i take firmware back up immediately after i flashed twrp. I try to reboot to system. Select language, still no sim card and skip it, no wifi and skip it. After i click skip button it start freezing and cannot turn off this time. I try to press power button about 3 minutes and screen turn off but shark logo from back still lightning. Logo light cannot turn off even i press and hold down power button 5 minutes. I press and hold down all key alternately including shark key on off and logo light turn off when i press and hold down volume down button 1 minute. But unluckly my phone cannotbturn on anymore. I try to charging but totally no respond. But i saw HS USB QDLOADER port connected to my computer when i plug in to my PC. Can i revive my phone if i flash qcn firmware? If yes, can someone upload qcn firmwar and any file needed to revive my black shark? I already searched on google and almost every site but found nothing about black shark. Please someone help me who known the feeling of losing his precious phone.

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