what are this posts?

I notice this posts which is about, love, horoscope, astrologist, wife.

I believe this is not a therapy session forum its an Android phone forum specifically Black Shark Brand. If they want Black Shark Support/Forum to succeed it should start with the community to post relevant Ideas and Issues to help the developer enhance their mobile device. The best thing about this forum is that it focuses on one brand which can help deliver the exact and appropriate support we as customer needs. But if this post goes on then XDA would be a better choice.


  • Yeah, apparently there's a member here with the objective is to spam ads.

    That member should be banned.

  • Luckily @Davon.z is doing his best to ban all these spammer accounts. Whoever that guy is keeps creating new accounts and creates spam posts again (using VPNs I suppose). I agree this really destroys the purpose of this forum but be assured the admin(s) will ban all these accounts as quickly as possible and hopefully this guy finds a real job at some point and leaves this forum alone again. Probably this guy also should contact himself to finally find a wife and purpose in his life 😜 , so far he hasn't been successful it seems.

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