Xiaomi Blackshark users

Anyone here purchased and or use the Blackshark device? Can you tell me the things you've enjoyed about the phone aswell as issues? Also is the bootloader still locked? Or can it be unlocked now on the global rom

I've ordered one off of aliexpress from the mi Global store Paid express shipping and well.... its been 11 days and still hasn't been shipped yet I'd cancel the order but thats 80 dollars im throwing away due to the 10% tax I'm charged.

https://reversephonelookup.onl/ https://curated.onl/nba-reddit/ https://pcbuilder.onl/pcpartpicker/


  • smooth gameplay, very fast charge 2.5 hours fully charge, may require a powerbank its only 4000mah. It can play any game you can think of even PC ported games, it has a built in Video Recorder which is net and also lag free 30fps, I like the home button style works well with Nova Launcher.

    Cons: late updates, Chinese Rom gets the update first before global, accessibility issue but can be fixed.

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    I also like the Super Cinema Mode, makes watching videos look like running on 90Hz.

    Oh yeah, the speakers rock... and the LEDs! 😎

    Not a Black Shark issue, but I wish we get more case options... something that cover the sides and has provisions for the game controllers at the same time.

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