[Big news]BlackShark Update pie in August

The Facebook page is a publicity department, and the news may not be accurate. 

But the email notification should be the customer service department, so I think it should be true.



  • If you say it's going to be in August, we'd better wait until September, October maybe

  • But, thank you for the information bro!!

  • August 2077???,Remember 21st June???,yes the update come,just motherfucking minor update from chingcong bs1 global team

  • This week I will stop being active through the forum, I get the redmagic, a pleasure to have dealt with you. I'll continue to use the blackshark to review the updates, but nothing else, if you need any information, take advantage this week to contact me here or by mail davidcendan@gmail.com

    Pleasure guys, a greeting!!

  • Hey @davidcendan,

    thanks that you have been such an active member. Make sure to tell us about your honest opinion about the redmagic after you used it for a while. The controller sadly looks very ugly... Anyway I'm curious what your experiences are with that device, their support and community.


  • Back to the original topic; i just dont get it, what the hell takes another two months from now getting ready the update. Its like they starting from the scratch developing a brand new update..?

    I mean they dont have to invent the wheel again, take the cn rom, do the translation and its finished. Why is this so difficult? Same company isnt it?!?! Dont understand why the hack they have different development team for cn and global...??

  • Hey @kasu-EU,

    I think it's probably not so easy as just copy pasting as the Chinese version is for the Chinese market only and does not use any google services and the global version has their google hooks in it everywhere. Probably more work than it appears...? But of course you're right and I hope they will work better together to bring more features to the global device...and quicker.

  • E-mail support team is worse than Facebook

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