[Announcement]June 2019 OTA Update for Black Shark 1:Download now!



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    this screenshot seems to be from the china version not the global one.

    there is no dark mode for global yet not even on BS2 and nowhere in the about section does it say joy ui as in this screenshot.

  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • this under 100mb update is not working yet.shame on you.

    shame shame shame

  • I swear you people only know to complain.

  • buddy, if you are a BS2 user...then what the heck are you doing here ? come back next year when your device stops being updated 6months after release.Also if you have the BS1 china version then this forum is still not for you.

    It's unacceptable that they cant maintain 2 devices , 3 if you count the BS Helo ( the BS1 refresh which i dont think was released globally at all,also its mostly a BS1 in a different case )

    And the global version its 90% stock android unlike the china version... SO ?

    Whats the holdup ?

  • Buen tarde. cuando van agregar la funcion grabar pantalla en el GAME DOCK?.


  • That's all?

    What happened with the new features?

  • Minor update after 7 months??????,LOL @BSGLITCHTeam,this chingcong Bs team intolerance on global market

  • as I understand, still no resolved problem with notifications?!

  • Ojala llegue android pie por favor no me decepciones xiaomi black shark

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